1. Continuous adsorption of cutting fluid by modified rice husk)
Pranaporn Lekprasert, Rungsinee Chunjaroen and Kowit Piyamongkala

2. Overview of biomass upgrading by torrefaction process
Tossaporn Onsri and Nakorn Tippayawong

3. Parametric optimization of shield metal – arc welding process by taguchi method on weld dilution
Surapong Bangphan, Phiraphan Bangphan, Jedsada Kaewsujai and Pongnarin Kienguomong

4. Optimal flow control in air preheaters for controlling fgd exhaust gas of a coal-fired power plant
Panomkorn Thongpatthanakun, Attakorn Asanakham and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat

5. Optimization of classroom scheduling for energy conservation
Phinyanut Wiriyarat and Worapod Sereerat

6. Operation of bhumibol reservoir for flood mitigation by hec-ressim model
Janewit Kasemsup and Thanaporn Supriyasilp

7. Multi-objective car sequencing problem on mixed-model two-sided assembly lines with combinatorail optimazation with coincidence with fuzzy logic
Watcharawit Tanontong and Parames Chutima

8. Reduction of defective rate from rough surface defects of casted product
Phichaphan Oonchuen and Napassavong Osothsilp

9. Problem and damage of steel structure in thailand
Warakorn Tantrapongsaton and Taweep Chaisomphob

10. A design of order receiving support system for a paper printing company
Sasiphan Ngammaneewat and Paveena Chaovalitwongse

11. Axial strength of inclined concrete-filled cold-formed steel tubular columns under vertical cyclic loading
Kritsana Pengtakad, Chayanon Hansapinyo, Chinapat Buachart and Bhuddarak Charatpangoon

12. Design of 3-segment flights within an industrial rotary dryer
Suchada Sitjongsataporn

13. Defect reduction in mobile phone display component assembly process by applying the design of experiments
Wittaya Sumali and Rapee Kanchana

14. Seismic performance of reinforced concrete interior frames using super ductile reinforcing steel bar
Rattapon Ketiyot and Chayanon Hansapinyo

15. Efficiency improvement of lignite belt conveyor relocation project
Siripong Sungcharean and Uttapol Samutkupt

16. Performance evaluation of automatic speed enforcement camera on mountainous road
Chanida Saisuksaard and Nopadon Kronprasert

17. The hybrid neural networks-arima/x models and anfis model for pm-10 forecasting: a case study of chiang mai, thailand’s high season
Rati Wongsathan

18. Quality upgrading of biodiesel from refined palm oil by catalytic cracking with hzsm-5 and small diesel engine testing
Kasawat T ippaha, Rawat Kumwan, Pathinya Krudnak, Chalee Lowefin, Ploytawan Mahawannam, Thoranis Deethayat and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat

19. Production scheduling using hybrid heuristics method: a case study of ready-mixed concrete plant
Paweetida Phatapipong, Punnamee Sachakamol and Ailada Treerattrakoon

20. A study on influence of friction welding parameters on the mechanical properties and microstructure in joining between aisi 304 stainless steel and high speed steel
Niwat Mookam