1. Techniques for reducing electricity cost in production of frozen green soybean
Benjaporn Apiwong-ngam, Chanawat Nitatwichit, Jatuphong Varith and Somkiat Jaturonglumlert

2. Determining the cutting force of agricultural products
Sunate Surbkar, Bandit Hiruansthiporn, Samerkhwan Tantikul and Rawin Surbkar

3. Productivity improvement in door-window production using motion and time study techniques
Kritsada Wongwan and Wimalin Laosiritaworn

4. Defective reduction in automotive iron part factory
Teerapong Sam-ran and Natcha Thawesaengskulthai

5. Practical sawing parameters for efficient energy usage of horizontal bandsaw for rubberwood sawing
Thossapit Wissamitanan, Charoenyut Dechwayukul and Wiriya Thongruang

6. Kinetic coefficients for cod removal of anaerobic up-flow filter seeded with termite comb microbes
Songyot Mongkulphit and Petch Pengchai

7. Over-voltage control in single-phase low voltage distribution networks with photovoltaic systems
Phudit Inthai and Piyadanai Pachanapan

8. Improving logistics cost in vegetable process industry by using simulation
Krit Sittivangkul and Wimalin Laosiritaworn

9. Development of bone fixation plate from hydroxyapatite-polylactic acid composite
Mintra Phuendee and Komgrit Leksakul

10. Design and experimental study of a low-cost travelling wave thermoacoustic refrigerator driven by a cascade thermoacoustic engine
Isares Dhuchakallaya and Patcharin Saechan

11. Carbon footprint assessment of the construction project of the subway station and tunnel
Sirikanth Nithisakdiyanond and Jittra Rukijkanpanich

12. Physical properties of asphalt concrete by marshall test at different temperatures
Nirachorn Nokkaew and Damrong Parakul

13. Improvement of substandard subbase material using portland cement and fgd gypsum
Benjarach Boontifong, Chayanon Hansapinyo, Piyapong Wongmatar and Peerapong Jitsangiam

14. Approximation algorithm for multi-product newsboy problem with stochastic yield
Natapat Areerakulkana

15. Performance of hybrid fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy controller with mohga based mppt for a solar pv module on various weather conditions
Rati Wongsathan

16. Production and cost appraisal of biodiesel activated by electric field and dry-washing
Supakrit Ngammuang, Thoranis Deethayat and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat