1. Control of active ingredient content in external use drug manufacturing
Laortong Kestong,Jittra Rukijkanpanich

2. A review: heat transfer enhancement on a surface by dimple and protrusion
Makatar Wae-hayee,Chayut Nuntadusit

3. Potential of small thermosyphon solar organic rankine cycle for power generation
Khomkrit Srisuwan, Jirawan Tiansuwan, Apichit Therdyothinhit and Piya Siangsukone

4. Multi-objective sequencing problem on mixed-model multi-manned assembly lines
Karan Kanpai and Parames Chutima

5. Oversize defect reduction in fritted glazes process
Pichaya Ponrit and Jeerapat Ngaoprasertwong

6. Improvement of chassis production process of truck factory
Pathomchai Phichitphajongkij

7. Multi-objective sequencing on mixed-model parallel assembly lines with biogeography-based optimization
Thassanee Thongjun and Parames Chutima

8. Multi-objective mixed-model multi-manned assembly line balancing problem using extended combinatorial optimization with local search
Krit Prasert and Parames Chutima

9. Automotive parts delivery improvement to automotive assembly factory
Penpisit Toyam and Paveena Chaovalitwongse

10. The moisture reduction of biomass fuel in the drying process by six sixma approach
Sararath Chaleekan and Jeerapat Ngaoprasertwong

11. Uv protection and antibacterial activity of silk fabrics dyed with sea almond (terminalia catappa) leaves
Mahamasuhaimi Masae, Saijai Wattanasen and Parnumart Choopool

12. Alert system of solar panels operation
Panit Nilrak, Warunyue Yatdon and Nuntiya Chaiyabut

13. Influence of rubber clone, log diameter, and labor skill on yield of rubberwood lumber
Peerapong Chukeaw, Somchai Chuchom and Thanate Ratanawilai

14. Potential areas for utilization of biomass fuels in electricity generation and dehydration of agricultural products in the northern region of thailand
Kreeta Sukthang, Pantakan Jiartaweesin, Chadchawarn Phongsomboon, Nawee Nuntapap, Taweesak Mahawan, Autchara Junphong, Surachate Chutima, Surachai Bovornsethanan, Yossapong Laoonual and Wishsanuruk Wechsatol

15. Application of rubber latex and soil cement develop drought relieving water pond
Pheerawat Plangoen

16. Development of a latex cup from natural rubber mixed parawood sawdust
Pongpun Ratchapakdee and Ekkawit Pianhanuruk

17. Effects of pin configurations on heat transfer performance in a flow channel
Pathomporn Narato, Passakorn Vessakosol, Makatar Wae-hayee and Chayut Nuntadusit

18. Application of genetic algorithm for scheduling and dispatching of ready mixed concrete truck: a case study of ready mixed concrete company
Chudeth Prasanwon, Punnamee Sachakamol and Ailada Treeattrakoon

19. Performance and emissions of a diesel engine using palm ethyl ester
Ekkachai Sutheerasak and Charoen Chinwanitcharoen

20. Effect of rice husk ash grinding period on autogenous shrinkage and compressive strength of rice husk ash blended concrete
Chananon Singkhasiri and Mongkhon Narmluk