1. Unsteady mhd pulsatile blood flow through porous medium in stenotic channel with slip at permeable walls subjected to time dependent velocity
Islam Mohammad Ibrahim Eldesoky

2. Irreversibility analysis of magnetohydrodynamic flow over an impulsively started plate
Adnan Saeed Butt, Asif Ali, Ahmer Mehmood

3. Heat transfer in mhd squeezing flow using brinkman model
Satish Chandra Rajvanshi, Sargam Wasu

4. Radiation and dufour effects on unsteady mhd mixed convective flow in an accelerated vertical wavy plate with varying temperature and mass diffusion
Jagdish Prakash, Bangalore Rushi Kumar, Ramachandran Sivaraj

5. Analytical investigation on 2-d unsteady mhd viscoelastic flow between moving parallel plates using rvim and hpm
Alireza Azimi, Mohammadreza Azimi

6. A new mathematical model for nonlinear wave in a hyperelastic rod and its analytic approximate solution
Sunil Kumar

7. An analytic study on time-fractional fisher equation using homotopy perturbation method
Xindong Zhang, Juan Liu

8. Numerical solution of the uncertain characteristic cauchy reaction-diffusion equation by variational iteration method
Hamid Rouhparvar, Saeid Abbasbandy

9. Variational approach applied to study the lifting of a non-newtonian fluid on a vertically moving belt
Ali Ahmad Farooq, Abdul Majeed Siddiqui, Tahira Haroon, Muhammad Afzal Rana