1. A fully-balanced wide-frequency current-tunable integrator
Banlue Srisuchinwong

2. Adaptive finite element technique for high-speed compressible flows
P. Dechaumphai and P. Janphaisaeng

3. Alkalinity and buffer capacity on behavior of cd and pb in municipal waste combustor ash
Pawinee Chaiprasert and Chih-Shin Shieh

4. Crop and n management to improve environmentally sound vegetable production in tropical lowlands
Volker Kleinhenz, Wilfred Hermann Schnitzler and David James Midmore

5. Effects of loop diuretic on ammonium excretion after 24 hours unilateral ureteral obstruction in rats
Sophapun Chaekuntode and Samaisukh Sophasan

6. High rate anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater in tropics
Deepak L. Joshi and Chongrak Polprasert

7. Mathematical model of an activated carbon-ethanol refrigerator
J. Tiansuwan, J. Hirunlabh and T. Kiatsiriroat

8. Modeling of stiffness of aggregate phase for shrinkage restraint in hardened concrete
Somnuk Tangtermsirikul

9. Optimal stabilization of a set of linear time-invariant systems by lyapunov equations
Thananchai Leephakpreeda

10. The ultrastructure of common palm civet blood cells and platelets
Somphop Navephap and Orawan Navephap