1. A level set method by characteristic-based finite volume formulation for rectangular grid
Sutthisak Phongthanapanich

2. Non-involvement of activated charcoal and plant growth regulators in plb proliferation of rhynchostylis coelestis rchb.f.
Kitti Bodhipadma, Sompoch Noichinda, Woraratanapong Wongsen, Warisara Poungmala, Utorn Chikhunthod and Aranya Pimmongkol

3. Quality of instant congee and energy consumption in the drying process by using drum dryer
Weerachet Jittanit, Chalermchai Lalitmassakul and Putchamol Charn-Utsar

4. A case study of feedback controller and estimator designs for nonlinear systems via the state-dependent riccati equation technique
Chutiphon Pukdeboon

5. English proficiency test analysis and a development of test bank software and computer-aided examinations
Sripen Srestasathiern

6. Transient and steady state analysis of a two-phase self-excited induction generator using mathematical model
Tiraput Satayatum and Vijit Kinnares

7. Analysis of microstrip low pass filter using step-impedance and open ended parallel coupling with wave iterative method
Sommart Khamkleang and Somsak Akatimagool

8. Natural ventilation of houses model by a roof solar cells turbine ventilator assisted with dc fan under climate of bangkok
Preeda Chantawong and Vichan Vimanjan

9. A study of friction coefficient of brake pads using alternative testing method
Supachai Lakkam and Kullayot Suwantaroj

10. Efficiency of suction nozzle
Pornchai Chongchitpaisan and Sanruay Kasetsgulchai

11. A parametric feature-based system to create conceptual design for bed products
Kusol Pimapunsri and Sittiput Mungkonsun

12. Purchasing and resource allocation planning in pickled ginger industry using mixed-integer linear programming
Aekachai Pantong and Apichai Ritvirool

13. Road signs detection by using shape context
Samruan Wiangsamut

14. Research promotion scheme in education institutions
Jariyar Eabsakul, Surat Promchun and Piya Korakotjintanakarn

15. Development of training program on vocational education qualification framework of subject area in the bachelor of technology degree program under the office of vocational education commission
Jariya Suttidej, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Pisit Mathapatara and Siriruk Ratchusanti

16. The development of a teacher training curriculum for improving technical teacher plan
Surang Boonyapongchai, Pairote Stirayakorn and Pisit Methapatara

17. A comparative study of learning achievement between student centre instructional method and the normal classroom teaching method on principles of vocational and technical education course
Anun Kumpiranont and Pusit Bovornwatanadilog

18. Design of practical learning system for computer disciplines by using quality function deployment technique
Rungarun Sripan, Urai Apichatbanlue and Bandit Suksawat

19. The crisis management framework for real estate industry during economic recession
Donpiwat Preedawiphat, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Kampol Ruchiwit and Chaiya Yimwilai

20. Perspective of critical flux on membrane filtrationr
Maneerat Tiranuntakul

21. Online failure detection of electric motors
Juggrapong Treetrong

22. Illicit drugs, an emerging pollutants in aquatic environment
Worawit Wongniramaikul and Aree Choodum

23. Ito stochastic integral and their application
Arthit Intarasit

24. Physical modification of raw materials for feed production
Karun Thongprajukaew and Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi