1. Power and voltage estimation of photovoltaic system using back-propagation neural network
Dumrongsak Wongta, Chawasak Rakpenthai, Surapol Dumronggittigule and Sermsak Uatrongjit

2. Wall roughness effect on aeration performance of microbubble generator using swirl flow impinging on wall
Sirachut Sangkapun, Somchai Sae-ung and Chayut Nuntadusit

3. Assessment of the main prang in temple of dawn on seismic resistance
Pathompong Jomthong, Chayanon Hansapinyo and Chinnapat Buachart

4. Influence of natural wood types and pigment contents on properties of wood-plastic composites
Chatree Homkhiew, Surasit Rawangwong, Worapong Boonchouytan and Thanate Ratanawilai

5. Optimization modeling for treatment of wastewater containing phosphate by electrochemical process
Sattawat Thuangchon, and Wacharawish Daosawang

6. Accuracy assessment of survey methods for volume determination of overburden and coal excavations in large open pit mines
Boonyarit Keawaram and Puttipol Dumrongchai

7. Study and development of a reversible data hiding algorithm using linear weighting for qr code images
Chaiyaporn Panyindee, Teranai Leelawiwat and Pattarawadee Rangsirak

8. Water distribution network model of epanet, provincial waterworks authority, phichit branch office
Sippanon Kingkum, Adichai Pornprommin and Surachai Lipiwattanakarn

9. Optimization of ethyl ester production from palm fatty acid distillate (pfad) using double-step esterification process: a response surface methodology approach
Dunyawat Phanyusoh, Krit Somnuk and Gumpon Prateepchaikul

10. Evaluation of mass rapid transit ticket service efficiency using pedestrian traffic simulation
Kitti Khatiyasoontron and Nopadon Kronprasert

11. Wobble riveting process parameter optimization using design of experiment technique
Wasupara Ounjitsakul and Wimalin Laosiritaworn

12. The effect of chromium addition in weld metal by submerged arc welding process
Buntoeng Srikarun and Prapas Muangjunburee

13. Influence of stress concentration and temperature on mechanical properties and microstructure of high strength steels
Chalermpol Klayni and Pongsakorn Leetrakul

14. Method for reducing defect in electroplating process
Pongsakorn Kantichaimongkol and Parames Chutima

15. Effect of retention time on dry basis biogas production from broiler manure with rice husk bedding
Narayut Wongsamut, Rotsukon Jawana and Pruk Aggarangsi

16. Ethanol production from algae in cultivation using waste water of vegetable and fruit processing plant
Supakid Chaipoot, Rewat Phongphisutthinant, Wassana Kamopas, Wasin Wongwilai and Komsan Rungrit

17. Simulation model for operator allocation in head gimbal assembly line
Wikanda Saengkularb and Wipawee Tharmmaphornphilas

18. Carbon footprint of an organiztion case study of chaiyaphum rajabhat university
Surawut Sudha and Dussadeeporn Hirun

19. The development centralized purchasing method considering rolling horizon: a case study of feed production company
Kamolnut Arunrat, Wipawee Tharmmaphornphilas and Worachok Chaiwong

20. A compatibility evaluation of asphalt emulsionselected aggregate to develop performance of para slurry seal
Thanon Bualuang and Peerapong Jitsangiam