1. Design of layout warehouse of the first royal factory in fang district, chiang mai province
Tadsanapong Lerdpanyanukul, Suparoek Machan, Monwipa Ahviphan, Komgrit Leksakul and Alonggot Limcharoen

2. Feasibility study on furnace and drying systems for rubber smoked sheet
Kasama Sirisomboon and Korawan Rotjanapawarothai

3. Hot air drying using induction heating
Geerapong Srivichai

4. New product development potential and technology difference of entrepreneur in upper northern of thailand
Sutthiphorn Manowong and Tanyanuparb Anantana

5. The appropriate inventory policy formulation by using monte carlo simulation technique: case study in chemical cleaning products and chemical water treatment products manufacturer
Sasiporn Soiraya and Natanaree Sookseksan

6. Effect of cement to aggregate ratio and compaction effort on properties of pervious concrete made of ternary-sized gravel
Mongkhon Narmluk

7. Process capability indices of a hardness specimen cutting process by the application of statistical techniques
Surapong Bangphan

8. Designation of excess air for controlling flame temperature causing slag melting of a power plant using lignite with high calcium oxide
Pipatpong Wongpaisanrit, Thoranis Deethayat and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat