1. A study of anthocyanin content in cooked purple corn water and its applications in colorant powder production
Rattana Muangrat, Jintana Jaimul, Tassanee Sriwichai and Tawan N. Lumpoon

2. Potential of energy saving and promotion measure of using small scale high efficiency boiler in hospitals
Wallaya Kaweepornpoj and Warunee Tia

3. Logistics cost analysis in fruit juice manufacturing factory using time-driven activity-based costing
Noraseth Boonmei and Rungchat Chompu-inwai

4. Lead time reduction in machine assembly using part routing group
Manik Ninsuwan and Jaramporn Hassamontr

5. The project management of constructions activity network in production process wood split machine
Surapong Bangphan and Phiraphan Bangphan

6. Unsafe behavior of workers in the construction of large buildings in bangkok and surrounding areas
Jatuphon Pisitsak and Oulawan Kulchartchai

7. Factors affecting decision making in the application of iso 9001 in thai construction industry
Thanongsuk Bubphata, Oulawan Kulchartchai and Watchara Sattayaprasert

8. Inventory management for lingerie component manufacturing
Kanyaluk Kamchang and Wimalin Laosiritaworn

9. Cost analysis on power generation from biomass-fuelled modular organic rankine cycle power plant
Thoranis Deethayat and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat