1. Co digestion of modified tapioca starch sludge and shrimp pond sediment as a method to improve system stability and biogas production
Piyavadee Srivichai, Orathai Chavalparit

2. Phylogenetic diversity of cultured bacteria from prevalent species of corals around samae san island, thailand
Dewi Embong Bulan, Suchana Chavanich, Voranop Viyakarn, Naraporn Somboonna

3. Low expression of microrna 203a in mid-gestational human fetal keratinocytes contributes to cutaneous scarless wound healing by targeting tenascin c
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4. The disease specific proteins in striatum of the mouse models of parkinson s disease induced by rotenone and mptp
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5. Chemical characterization, antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory activity of chinese water chestnut extracts
Jinfeng Yanga, Xiaoxian Tanga,*, Liang Shuaia, Yong Soo Kwonb, Myong Jo Kimc,*

6. Evaluation of japonica rice (oryza sativa l.) varieties and their improvement in terms of stability, yield and cooking quality by pure line selection in thailand
Pawat Nakwilai, Sulaiman Cheabu, Possawat Narumon, Chatree Saensuk, Siwaret Arikita, Chanate Malumpong

7. Fabrication of pvcmwnts g c16 composites with high solar thermal conversion performance for anti icing and deicing
Xiaoning Shena, Lihuan Yuana, Zhen Weia, Yujun Qinb,*, Yapei Wangb, Zhi-Xin Guob,*, Lili Genga

8. Simultaneously tunable luminescence and magnetic properties in bifunctional nayf4 yb3 er3 microcrystals
Zhijun Tanga,*, Quan Liua, Xiaofeng Wua, Shigang Hua, Zaifang Xia, Shiping Zhanb, Yunxin Liu

9. A potential biosorbent from moringa oleifera pod husk for crystal violet adsorption kinetics, isotherms, thermodynamic and desorption studies
Adisak Keereerak, Watchanida Chinpa

10. Isolation, optimisation and gasoline biodegradation by lipopeptide-producing bacillus subtilis se1
Subuntith Nimrat, Somruetai Lookchan, Traimat Boonthai, Verapong Vuthiphandchai

11. Changes in tlr 4 expression level and cd14 cd16 monocyte ratio in the peripheral blood of patients with early diabetic nephropathies
Yu Chena,*, Kun Menb, Chun-mei Menga, Jing Maa, Jian-chao Guo

12. Urban heat island analysis for bangkok multi-scale temporal variation, associated factors, directional dependence, and cool island condition
Jirawan Kamma, Kasemsan Manomaiphiboon, Nishit Aman, Tara Thongkamdee, Surawut Chuangchote, Sebastien Bonnet

13. Improved young s inequalities for positive linear operators
Haisong Cao

14. Normal families of meromorphic functions which share a set
Jinhua Cai, Fanning Meng, Jia Xie, Wenjun Yuan

15. Re characterization of pgl(2, p) by its order and one class length
Song-Fang Jia, Yan-Heng Chen

16. Hyers ulam stability for c1 solution of series like iterative equation with variable coefficients
Chao Xia, Xi Wang

17. Running a lab amidst the covid-19 crisis how to stay productive during lockdowns and get ready for the new normal
Sittinan Chanarat, Varodom Charoensawan, Danaya Pakotiprapha

18. Wild betta fighting fish species in thailand and other southeast asian countries
Bhinyo Panijpan, Namkang Sriwattanarothai, Parames Laosinchai

19. A phospholipase a2 of daboia siamensis venom suppressed expression of genes and proteins in mapk pathway
Suchitra Khunsap, Orawan Khow, Sunutcha Suntrarachun, Supatsorn Boonchang

20. Prevalence of cyp2c19, cyp3a4 and fmo3 genetic polymorphisms in healthy northeastern thai volunteers
Thikhumporn Areesinpitak, Sirimas Kanjanawart, Nontaya Nakkam, Wichittra Tassaneeyakul, Suda Vannaphasaht

21. Characterization and pufa production of aurantiochytrium limacinum buchaxm 122 isolated from fallen mangrove leaves
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22. Application of sonication- and vacuum infiltration-assisted agrobacterium-mediated transformation of rice embryo (oryza sativa l.)
Touchkanin Jongjitvimol, Kawee Sujipuli, Sittichai Urtgam