Volume 46, No. 02, Month FEBRUARY, Year 2020, Pages 178 - 185

Simultaneously tunable luminescence and magnetic properties in bifunctional nayf4 yb3 er3 microcrystals

Zhijun Tanga,*, Quan Liua, Xiaofeng Wua, Shigang Hua, Zaifang Xia, Shiping Zhanb, Yunxin Liu

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A series of bifunctional NaYF4 microcrystals doped with Yb3+/Er3+ have been successfully synthesized through a facile hydrothermal method. They have been characterized by XRD, SEM, photoluminescence spectra and the magnetization. These microcrystals can emit ∼540 nm green light from Er3+- 4ƒ n electronic transition 4S3/2- 4 I15/2, ∼657 nm red light from Er3+- 4ƒ n electronic transition 4 F9/2-4 I15/2, and ∼407 nm violet light from Er3+- 4ƒn electronic transition 2H49/2I15/2, under the excitation of 980 nm infrared light. It is found that the red emission is more sensitive to the doping of Yb3+ ion than the green one, leading to the significant increase in the ratio of red emission to green emission with increasing concentration of Yb3+ ion. In addition, the paramagnetic property was remarkably enhanced with increasing concentration of Yb3+ ion which is ascribed to the substitution of nonmagnetic ion Y3+ by the magnetic ion Yb3+ with large magnetic moment.


up-conversion luminescence, bifunctional microcrystals, magnetic property, heavy doping


Published by : The Science Society of Thailand
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