1. Inhibition of oxidation and glycation in diabetes by thai indigenous vegetables
Chomnard Singhan and Maitree Suttajit

2. Treatment of cartilage injury in rat’s knee joint by implantation of a 3-d silk fibroin scaffold with chondrocytes
Niwat Taepavarapruk, Waree Tiyabooncha, Pratthana Chomchalao and Pornnarin Taepavarapruk

3. Chemical constituents of fruits and leaves of cratoxylum cochinchinense and their cytotoxic activities
Benjamat Chailap, Thanesuan Nuanyai, Songchan Puthong and Anumart Buakeaw

4. Uptake of copper and zinc in lettuce (lactuca sativa l.) planted in sida soil and lignite bottom ash mixtures
Suthep Silapanuntakul, Prat Intrarasaksit, Pisit Vatanasomboon and Kraichat Tantrakarnapa

5. Diversity and uses of tree species in the deciduous dipterocarp forest, mae chaem district, chiang mai province, northern thailand
Panadda Larpkerna, Marit Eriksen and Panya Waiboonya

6. The use of wind energy to reduce energy consumption of shrimp farm aerators: a case study of thailand
Supakit Worasinchai, Pimpa Limthongkul, Kiatkong Suwannakij and Wanita Powsakul

7. Factors associated with health-promoting behaviors of nursing students at saint louis college during practice in the health care service
Maleewan Lertsakornsiri and Chaba Khampunyo

8. The assessment of suitable sanitary landfills area in uttaradit province by using geograpic information system
Supawadee Noinumsai and Piyada Wachirawongsakorn

9. Modification of physical properties of inulin gel with homogenization for using as a fat replacement in butter cake product
Surathanan Kongwan, Sarinrat Waidecha and Parichat Teepat

10. Chromosomal aberration assessment of gunther's walking catfish (clarias macrocephalus) after in vivo exposure to heavy metals contaminated in water and sediment from gold mine area
Uraiwan Phoonaploy, Apitchayaporn Chayjun, Patcharin Ruchuwararak, Bundit Tengjaroenkul and Lamyai Neeratanaphan

11. Solid phase extraction and digital image colorimetric determination of trace chromium (vi) in water sample
Prinya Masawat and Neongreuthai Chaiwong

12. The study factors that influenced the tool life of tialn with sharpening and coating
anyat Panprasitvech and Patipat Hongsuwan

13. The study of engineering technology needs for thai auto-part manufacturers under asean free trade area agreement
Pattrawet Tharawetcharak, Choosak Pornsing, Thongtang Thonglim and Noppadol Amdee

14. Plant layout design and process improvement in wood sliding door manufacture
Krit Chantarasamai and On-Uma Lasunon

15. The development of activity packages to enhance reasoning ability on reasoning about triangle and quadrilateral for grade 9 students
Boonya Piansawan