1. Modeling of flank wear in carbide tool by artificial neural network technique
Chalermpol Klaynil

2. The improvement of worker’s sitting postures in knife forging industry by ergonomics principles
Onnicha Yomkerd, Piyawat Trevittaya and Nivit Charoenchai

3. Carbon footprint of mum moo, chaiyaphum case study
Surawut Sudha, Petch Pengchai and Nida Chaimool

4. Integration of risk assessment in foundation construction planning using fault tree analysis
Thoedtida Thipparat

5. The study of physical and thermal conductivity properties of cement paste with nanosilica
Pongsak Jittabut

6. Time-driven activity-based costing for the construction activity scheduling
Sitthisak Phuysopha and Korb Srinavin

7. Determination of effective cross-sectional area of irregular individual materials of agricultural produces
Sunate Surbkar, Choatpong Kanjanaphachoat and Rawin Surbkar

8. Investigation of indoor environmental quality of laboratory rooms of paleontological research and silk innovation centers, mahasarakham u.
Thanakorn Rattanapunand and Maneerat Ongwandee

9. Performance prediction of poly-crystalline solar cell module under real practice
Attakorn Asanakham, Itsarapong Kantiya and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat