1. 50 years of progress in speech and speaker recognition research
S. Furui

2. A real time noise-robust speech recognition system
N. Wada, S. Yoshizawa, Y. Miyanaga

3. Mitigation of non-linear distortion using pts and idar method for multi-level qam-ofdm system
P. Boonsrimuang, P. Boonsrimuang, K. Mori, T. Paungma, H. Kobayashi

4. Metamorphic testing using geometric interrogation technique and its application
K. Y. Sim, W. Pao, C. Lin

5. Synthesis of linear phase sharp transition fir digital filter
J. Rodrigues, K. R. Pai, L. J. Gudino

6. A design method for smith predictors for minimum-phase time-delay plants
K. Yamada, N. Matsushima

7. Characters recognition method based on vector field and simple linear regression model
T. Izumi, T. Hattori, H. Kitajima, T. Yamasaki

8. An asymmetric image encryption based on matrix transformation
H. Shuihua, Y. Shuangyuan

9. Personal verification and identification using hand geometry
N. Covavisaruch, P. Prateepamornkul, P. Ruchikachorn, P. Taksaphan