1. An agent model for information filtering using revolutionary rsvd technique
Dussadee Praserttitipong and Peraphon Sophatsathit

2. Patrol packet algorithm- a modified flooding technique for high performance search
Monlica Wattana and Pattarasinee Bhattarakosol

3. Effects of heat treatment on free radical scavenging capacities and phenolic compounds in tylopilus alboater wild edible mushrooms
Nipaporn Sengkhamparn and Nutchanat Phonkerd

4. A novel moisturizer extracted from freshwater macroalga for skin care cosmetic
Pimporn Leelapornpisid, Lapatrada Mungmai, Busabun Sirithunyalug, Supat Jiranusornkul and Yuwadee Peerapornpisal

5. An evaluation of uv protection imparted by wool fabric dyed with natural dye from eucalyptus leaf
Rattanaphol Mongkholrattanasit, Anothai Cholachatpinyo, Nitaya Tubtimthai and Nattadon Rungruangkitkrai

6. Effects of silicon-bridge and n-ligands on the electronic structures and related properties of dimethyl zirconocene polymerization catalysts
Jitrayut Jitonnom and Wijitra Meelua

7. Modeling and optimization of removal of rhodamine - b from wastewaters by adsorption on modified clay
Morteza Bahram, Robabeh Talebi, Abdolhossein Naseri, Sirous Nouri

8. Development of a simple jam-jar apparatus for direct analysis of solid and liquid samples
Chanatip Kookarinrat, Napaporn Youngvises, Phoonthawee Saetear, Duangjai Nacapricha and Kamonthip Sereenonchai

9. Synthesis and use of zeolite na-a from waste sludge of water treatment plant for ammonium removal
Jeatana Wongwichien, Suwimol Asavapisit and Kwannate Sombatsompop

10. Graphene nanoplatelet multi-walled carbon nanotube polycarbonate hybrid nanocomposites for electrostatic dissipative applications- preparation and properties
Akkachai Poosala, Worrawit Kurdsuk, Darunee Aussawasathien and Duanghathai Pentrakoon

11. Gelatin microspheres containing multi-walled carbon nanotubes- preparation, characterization, and use as a drug carrier
Saowapa Thumsing and Pitt Supaphol

12. Porous poly(ethylene oxide) poly(l-lactic acid) fiber fabricated via coaxial electrospinning- potential as biomedical applications
Ramaimas Chankoa, Narumol Kreua-ongarjnukool, Pitt Supaphol and Prasit Pavasant

13. Study of in-situ hybrid composites of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/liquid crystalline polymer filled with microwave-synthesized zinc oxide powder
Penwisa Pisitsak and Rathanawan Magaraphan

14. Influence of bath formulations on low-temperature electroless deposition of ni-p alloys
Chulaluk Somphotch, Ekasit Nisarattanaporn, Yuttanant Boonyongmaneerat

15. Enhancing coating property and storage stability of non-alkoxide sol-gel derived hydroxyapatite coating by incorporating gel retarding agents.
Jintamai Suwanprateeb*, Waraporn Suvannapruk, Faungchat Thammarakcharoen and Watchara Chokevivat

16. Kinetic studies of the photopolymerisation of acrylamide in aqueous solution- effects of bromoformas a chain transfer agent
Kamonchanok Thananukul, Juraiporn Porkaew, Patchara Punyamoonwongsa, Robert Molloy and Brian J. Tighe

17. Plasma assisted immobilization of tio2 nanoparticles onto pla surface to promote the antimicrobial activity
Chonlada Theerakarunwong, Somruthai Tunma and Dheerawan Boonyawan

18. Tight-binding calculations of ellipsoidal inas nanocrystals
Worasak Sukkabot

19. An efficient deniable authentication protocol from pairings to protect users’ privacy
Chien-Lung Hsu, Yu-Hao Chuang and Ming-Tsung Hung

20. Conversion of parallel regular expressions to non-deterministic finite automata using partial derivatives
Ajay Kumar and Anil Kumar Verma

21. Safe level graph for majority under-sampling techniques
Chumphol Bunkhumpornpat and Krung Sinapiromsaran

22. Minimal changes in the right hand side data for correcting linear infeasibility arising in intensity-modulated radiation therapy with the generalized newton method
Saeed Ketabchi, Hossein Moosaei and Ying Xiao

23. Local cohomology and sequentially generalized cohen-macaulay modules
Amir Mafi

24. Exact solution for average run length of cusum charts for ma(1) process
Kanita Petcharat, Yupaporn Areepong, Saowanit Sukparungsee and Gabriel Mititelu

25. Comparative performances of the variable parameters nonparametric control charts using the markov chain approach
Adisak Pongpullponsak* and Vadhana Jayathavaj