1. Parameter estimation for the length biased beta-pareto distribution and application
Winai Bodhisuwan, Nareerat Nanuwong, Chookait Pudprommarat

2. The southern oscillation index as a random walk
Mayuening Eso, Metta Kuning, Hilary Green, Attachai Ueranantasun, Somporn Chuai-Aree

3. Goel type solution of an f(r) theory of gravitation
Aditya Mani Mishra, Shyam Narayan Pandey

4. Fractional homotopy analysis transforms method for solving a fractional heat-like physical model
Mohamed Khader, Sunil Kumar, Saeid Abbasbandy

5. A note on exact solution for thermal radiative flow over a stretching shrinking sheet with convective boundary condition
Masood Khan, Masood Ur Rahnan,Muhammad Azram

6. On the homotopy asymptotic method of quantum zakharov-kuznetsov equation in ion acoustic waves
Mohamed Aly Abdou, Ahamed Elgarayhi

7. Solving a parabolic inverse source problem by the sinc-galerkin method
Alireza Mohammadpour, Afshin Babaei