1. Editorial- wjst.11.8.2014 - special issue on analytical and approximate solutions for numerical problems
Sukumar Senthilkumar

2. A new (g g)-expansion method and its application to the burgers equation
Md. Nur Alam, M. Ali Akbar

3. An analytic solution to a parameterized problems arising in heat transfer equations by optimal homotopy analysis method
Hany Nasr Hassan, Mourad Samir Semary

4. A study on third order runge-kutta techniques for solving practical problems
Sukumar Senthilkumar

5. A collocation method for numerical solution of the generalized burgers-huxley equation
Mohammad Zarebnia, Nastaran Aliniya

6. New analytic solution of ito equation by the sine-cosine method
Somayeh Arbabi, Malihe Najafi, Mohammad Najafi

7. Analytic and approximate solutions of space-time fractional telegraph equations via laplace transform
Devendra Kumar, Jagdev Singh, Sunil Kumar