1. Symmetric implicit multiderivative numerical integrators for direct solution of fifth-order differential equations
S. J. Kayode

2. Soret and dufour effects on steady free convective mhd viscoelastic fluid flow confined between a long vertical wavy wall and parallel flat wall
Utpal Jyoti Das

3. Asymptotic confidence ellipses of parameters for the inverse gaussian distribution
Nithi Duangchana, Kamon Budsaba

4. Nutrients and ruminal digestibility of baby corn by-product silages under different harvesting methods
Darunee Srichana, Wichai Suttitham, Panawan Thongsunthiah, Paichok Panja, Nattha Jariyapamornkoon

5. Growth response and nutrient concentrations of sago palm under aluminum stress
Ornprapa Anugoolprasert, Hiroshi Ehara, Hitoshi Naito

6. Sorbitol has no significant effects on 3t3-l1 -adipogenesis and adiponectin synthesis and secretion
Pilaiwan Siripurkpong, Mudtika Fungkrajai, Sudawadee Kongkhum, Kanyanath Piumngam

7. A full radial electric field calculation for predicting pedestal formation in h-mode tokamak plasma by using baldur code
Y. Pianroj, S. Jumrat, B. Chatthong, T. Onjun

8. An observation of traffic violations at a crossroad with an installation of a patrol police officer model
Thossapol Leelavijarn, Athip Rojchanasombat, Kornpol Panbura, Boonsap Witchayangkoon