1. Assessment of seasonal variations of surface water quality in the phong watershed, thailand
Suthipong Sthiannopkao, Satoshi Takizawa and Wanpen Wirojanagud

2. Decolorization and degradation of c. i. reactive red 195 by enterobacter sp.
Kalyanee Jirasripongpun, Rujikan Nasanit, Jongiira Niruntasook and Boonsiri Chotikasatian

3. Handling xml in traditional databases
Kwanjai Deejring and Pensri Amornsinlaphachai

4. Modular and standard filters of a directed above meet semilattice
M. A. Hossain and A. S. A. Noor

5. Natural convection in a tilted isosceles triangular enclosure with discrete bottom heating
Goutam Sahar, Md. Tofiqul Islam, Sumon Saha and Md. Quamrul Islama

6. New theoretical analysis for the discrete-time feedback error learning method
Sirisak Wongsura and Waree Kongprawechnon

7. Power spectral density of uwb psm signal
Parinya Prommasuksakul, Pichaya Supanakoon, Sathaporn Promwong and Jun-ichi Takada

8. Relationship analysis between purchasing strategy and supplier's learning ability in the automotive industry
Parames Chutimar and Patanapong Sanghatawatan