1. A heuristic for solving a stochastic knapsack problem with discrete random capacity
Suwitchaporn Witchakul, Prapaisri Sudasna-na-Ayudthya and Peerayuth Charnsethikul

2. A study of ethanol production cost for gasoline substitution in thailand and its competitiveness
Suthamma Yoosin and Chumnong Sorapipatana

3. Analvsis guidelines for customised orders in an apparel chain
Ronnachai Sirovetnukul, Parames Chutima and Duangpun Kritchanchai

4. Analysis of integrated linear models of a drainage network system for the inner bangkok metropolitan administration
Pongchanun Luangpaiboon

5. Comparative performance of a substandard beam-column joint with and without initial bond between beam bars and concrete in the joint core
Teeraphot Supaviriyakit and Amorn Pimanmas

6. Constructive and simulated annealing algorithms for hybrid flow shop problems with unrelated parallel machines
Jitti Jungwattanakit, Manop Reodecha, Paveena Chaovalitwongse and Frank Werner

7. Template-based nepali natural handwritten alphanumeric character recognition
Santosh K.C. and Cholwich Nattee

8. Using real time pcr to detect shigellosis ipah detection in kaeng-khoi district, saraburi province, thailand
S. Samosornsuk, W. Chaicumpa, L. von Seidlein, J.D.Clemens and O. Sethabutr