1. A comparative analysis of p2p file sharing mechanisms
Anjan Mahanta and Thanaruk Theeramunkong

2. A mathematical modeling study of hot air drying for some agricultural products
Jompob Waewsak, Sirinuch Chindaruksa and Chantana Punlek

3. An investigation of natural ventilated roofs by means of computational fluid dynamics
Jompob Waewsak and Rangsit Sarachitti

4. Bending analysis of symmetrically laminated rectangular plates with arbitrary edge supports by the extended kantorovich method
Variddhi Ungbhakorn and Nuttawit Wattanasakulpong

5. Detecting a random component in a two compartment model an independent random effects simulation study
Kamon Budsaba and Charles E. Smith

6. Electronically tunable floating inductance simulation based on current-controlled current differencing buffered amplifiers
Differencing Buffered Amplifiers

7. Numerical simulation of the three-dimensional heat equation and applications
Preecha P. Yupapin and Phongphan Rattanathanawan

8. Volatile components of wampee fruits (clausena lansium (lour.) skeels) treated by different drying conditions
P. Chokeprasert, S. Khotavivattana, C. Oupadisskoon, T. C. Huang and H. H. Chen