1. Design and analysis of a new h-4 family parallel manipulator
Natdanai Tantawiroon and Viboon Sangveraphunsiri

2. Flood frequency analysis at different rivers in bangladesh a comparison study on probability distribution functions
M Ferdows and Mubarak Hossain

3. Local similarity solutions for unsteady mhd free convection and mass transfer flow past an impulsively started vertical porous plate with dufour and soret effects
Md. Shariful Alam, M. M. Rahman and Md. Abdul Maleque

4. Rainfall forecast for agricultural water allocation planning in thailand
Uruya Weesakul and Sudajai Lowanichchai

5. Symmetrical fourier transform lens design for signal processing with optics
W. Pijitrojana

6. The influence of taylor bubble length on the similarity of the liquid re-circulation in turbulent flow behind solid and gas bubbles
Boonchai Lertnuwat

7. The numerical and experimental investigation of heat transport and water infiltration in granular packed beds due to supplied hot water (one-and two-dimensional models)
P. Rattanadecho and S. Wongwises

8. The role of recycled waste polystyrene foam on physical and mechanical properties of novel ceil ing boards
Malinee Chaisupakitsin and Thanawan Apichatsopit