1. A system dynamic approach for financial planning in solid waste management a case study in phnom penh city
Veasna Kum, Alice Sharp and Napat Harnpornchai

2. An integrative agricultural land evaluation and classification for sustainable land use in uthai thani province
Buncha Apai and Charlie Navanugraha

3. Concatenation of modified spiral curve phase precoding with new tcm -turbo codes for frequency selective fading channels
Keattisak Sripimanwat and R.M.A.P. Rajatheva

4. Hydrogen induced cracking in low strength steels
Samerjit Homrossukon

5. Lie algebraic methods of light optics for lens system design used in otis architecture
W. Pijitrojana

6. Practical assembly-line balancing in a monitor manufacturing company
Parames Chutima and Haruetai Suphapruksapongse

7. Testing the need for a random effects model in a two compartment model
Kamon Budsaba and Charles E. Smith

8. The p(g, v) -theorem
Tipaval Saninta