1. Electronic braille learning set for beginners
Prakasit Tunti-a-longkarn

2. Construction safety equilibrium of metal sheet roofing installation
Nart Sooksil and Vacharapoom Benjaoran

3. Strength characteristic of foam cement admixed clay
Chairat Teerawattanasuk Panich Voottipruex and Sunchai Inthapichai

4. Object trajectory tracking on a plane using camera and infrared sensor
Niramon Ruangpayoongsak

5. Simulation software for electromagnetic wave propagation in conducting cavity using method of moments
Alongkorn Promtee Pinit Ningpirom Sarun Choocadee and Somsak Akatimagool

6. A control system for a pilot-scale modified packed bed reactor for a reforming process
Phongsak Keeratiwintakorn Phavanee Narataruksa and Chatpong Chuayprasadpattana

7. Electronically tunable voltage mode first-order all-pass filter using a single ddccta
Vittawat Mongkol and Montree Kumngern

8. A slit die design for herschel-bulkley fluid
Suthinan Leewuthinan Chanyut Kolitawong and Wiboon Lertwimolnun

9. Effect of temperatures on shear strength of fractures in granite
Kittitep Fuenkajorn and Pakpoom Naphudsa

10. Chemical inventory management in tire cord fabric industry using lot sizing
Jareerat Uansamer and Oran Kittithreerapronchai

11. Development of optimized scrap forecasting model in hard disk drive industry
Athakorn Kengpol and Thidarat Salakkam

12. Development of a shop floor management system in an auto press parts manufacturing factory
Punpatchara Lapitpongporn and Parames Chutima

13. Mixed integer linear programming approaches to production planning and transportation in tangerine supply chain
Chaimongkol Limpianchob Wongphaka Wongrat and Parinya Pattanawasanporn

14. Operational issues and solutions of public transportation system
Ittipong Khemapech and Lakkana Kidbunjong

15. Production of pigment and monacolin k from jackfruit seed powder fermented by different monascus strains
Sunee Eadmusik Wichitra Sanoppa and Natthaya Choosuk

16. An applied data mining technique to develop an information storage and retrieval for intelligence of locality for the southern part of thailand in suratthani
Narongsak Chayangkoon Asok Srisawat and Jittima Silprachawong

17. Image processing and svm application for microscopic counting and size measuring of staphylococci
Kraison Thungopakun Savitri Vatanyoopaisarn Somchart Roongruengsorakarn and San Ratanasanya

18. Adsorption of methylene blue dye by rice-husk in fixed-bed column
Pattanasak Daengbutdee Kanittha Kaew-in Rawin Suttanan and Kowit Piyamongkala

19. The industrial training teacher development for the deaf
Nataya Kaewsai Worapoj Sriwongkol Piya Korakotjintanakarn

20. Microwave tumor ablation- a new treatment modality for hepatic malignancies
Montree Chaichanyut and Supan Tungjitkusolmun