1. Comparative study of tannins of acacia nilotica an indigenous tanning material in sudan with acacia mearnsii
Mahdi Ahmed, Palmina Khirstova and Glavtch Icho

2. Discrete-time feedback error learning
Sirisak Wongsura and Waree Kongprawechnon

3. Nitrogen removal of textile wastewater by combined anaerobic-aerobic system
Mahdi Ahmed, Azni Idris, and Aofah Adam

4. Predictability of barton's joint shear strength criterion using field-identification parameters
Kittitep Fuenkajorn

5. Intake valve modelling and study of the suction air pressure and volumetric efficiency in a four stroke internal combustion engine
Mohammad Syed Ali Molla, Mohd Sapuan Salit, Mohd Megat Hamdan Bin Megat Ahmed, Fuad Abas and Waqar Asrar

6. Synthesis and characterization of novel blue light-emitting hole-transporting materials
Vinich Promarak and Oradee Pankwaung

7. Effects of pruning times on yield and quality of winegrape
Vasan Boonterm and Natakorn Boonkerd

8. Losses of yield and yield components of mungbean due to cercospora leafspot
Nucharee Tantana pornkul, Sophon Wongkaew and Paisan Laosuwan

9. Rule-based chaining with ontological constraint checking- a hybrid reasoning system for semantic web
Hataichanok Unphon, Ekawit Nantajeewarawat and Photchanan Ratanajaipan

10. Air-conditioning in residential building by the earth-to-air heat exchanger for summer of thailand
Weeravuth Arunwattana, Prayoon Starat, Pisanu Poolcharuansin and Pannavadee Churueang