1. Elastic plastic crack analysis by finite element method under mixed mode loading conditions
Aidy Ali, Ahmed Kamal Ariffin, Muhammad Rawi Mohamed Zin, Mohd Sapuan Salit, Mhd Yunin Hassan and Mohd Rasid Osman

2. Brightness preservation in histogram equalization based contrast enhancement techniques
Soong-Der Chen and Abd. Rahman Ramli

3. Code slicing to improve case classification accuracy
Omar Abdalgani Shiba, Mohamed Nasir Sulaiman, Fatimah Ahmad and Ali Mamat

4. Tensile strength of steel plate welded connection by welders in nakhon ratchasima province
S. Seangatith and S. Sukprasert

5. The potential for utilization of bagasse and eucalyptus pulp sludges from wastewater treatment plants of the pulp industries to produce fiber-cement composites
C. Thaemngoen, W. Sungwornpatansakul and S. Asavapisit

6. Rheological modelling of wormlike micelles systems using fractional viscoelastic model
Mohamed Ahmed Siddig, Shahidan Radiman and Sithi V. Muniandy

7. Photodegradation study of methylene blue (mb) trapped in poly (methyl methacrylate) (pmma) matrix
W. Mahmood Mat Yunus and Chan Kok Sheng

8. Reversing b-lactam antibiotic resistance with some flavonoids in gram-positive bacteria
Griangsak Eumkeb and Richards R. Michael E.

9. Potential application of wastewater from rice noodle manufacture in a -amylase production
Warin Pimpa