1. Nitrogen fixation in endolithic cyanobacterial communities of the mcmurdo dry valley antarctica
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2. Large scale phycoremediation of acidic effluent from an alginate industry
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3. Phosphorus requirements of african catfish clarias gariepinus, based on broken-line regression analysis methods
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4. Glass bead-based transformation method for lactic acid bacteria
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5. Mortality of platydema waterhousei exposed to carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmospheres
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6. Properties of b-glycerol phosphate-collagen-chitosan blend scaffolds for application in skin tissue engineering
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7. Silicon-substituted calcium phosphate compounds synthesis characterization and bioactivity evaluation
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8. Phase transition behaviour and dielectric properties of na0.5k0.5nb03-litao3-lisbo3 lead-free piezoceramic
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9. Areal rainfall estimation using spatial interpolation techniques
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10. Comparative analysis of maximum daily ozone levels in urban areas predicted by different statistical models
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11. H optimal control of linear time-varying systems with time-varying delay via a controllability approach
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12. On the strong law of large numbers for pairwise negative quadrant dependent identically distributed random variables with infinite means
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13. Multi-objective sequencing problems of mixed-model assembly systems using memetic algorithms
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14. Effects of solvent properties on the soxhlet extraction of diterpenoid lactones from andrographis paniculata leaves
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15. Confidence intervals for the difference between two means with missing data following a preliminary test
Pawat Paksaranuwat, Sa-aat Niwitpong