1. Analysis of cost components for contracting out road routine maintenance
Farmai Kaewratanapatama and Wisanu Subsompon

2. Nonlinear finite element analysis of buckling strength of irregular section cold-formed steel columns under concentric compressive loading
Natapon Tansiri and Chayanon Hansapinyo

3. Compressive strength and drying shrinkage properties of masonry mortar containing ground seashells
Pusit Lertwattanaruk and Chalothorn Siripattarapravat

4. Analysis of effectiveness from contracting out highway routine maintenance
Prapon Chinudomsub and Wisanu Subsompon

5. Risk factor analysis for construction soil protection systems
Pasit Lorterapong and Paijit Pawan

6. Utilization of sound absorbing materials to mitigate road traffic noise below the bangkok mass transit system (bts) skytrain
Pusit Lertwattanaruk and Napol Kieatkongmanee

7. Work estimation model for pavement routine maintenance
Wisanu Subsompon and Pawarotorn Chaipetch

8. Strength and erosion behavior of clayey sand with changing degree of saturation- a case study of slope covered with natural geotextile
Patipat Booncharoenpanich and Apiniti Jotisankasa

9. Dedicated resource assignment vs. pooled resource assignment for repetitive construction
Akarawit Suvannajan and Suneerat Kusalasai

10. The development of economy mechanism for low frequency vibration isolation- the characteristic of stiffness and natural frequency
Pongpun Rerkkumsup