1. Checklist tracheostomy consultation form increase promptness of patients at consultation for tracheostomy in maharat nakornratchasima hospital
Watanyu Parapiboon, Chutima Rotjanasiriphong

2. The study of annual health examination result by using testing fuzzy hypotheses with fuzzy p-value
Paothai Vonglao

3. Health impacts of pesticide uses : case study in garlic farmers, phayao province
Ratana Sapbamrer, Surat Hongsibsong, Nalin Sittitoon

4. Analyzing a statistical method of estimating respiratory deaths based on the thailand verbal autopsy study
Pradthana Minsan

5. The effect of osteogenic induction medium on mineralization between human jaw periosteum cells and dental pulp cells
Danupon Jantapalaboon, Kanruethai Kaewsuwan, Witsanu Yortchan, Parichat Choorujiporn, Sasima Puwanun

6. Aboveground biomass in tropical dry forest at rote ndao regency, east nusa tenggara province, indonesia
Aah Ahmad Almulqu; Jaruntorn Boonyanuphap

7. Free energy additivity model for estimation vegetable oils density at various
Suriya Phankosol, Thinnaphop Chum-in, Kanit Krisnangkura

8. A characterization of clean matrices in m3(z)
Benchawan Sookcharoenpinyo

9. Refining efficiency and eutectic silicon modification in al-si-mg cast alloy
Jinkamon Luijan

10. Correlation of density and dynamics viscosity of vegetable oils to its saponification number and iodine value
Suriya Phankosol, Thinnaphop Chum-in, Kanit Krisnangkura

11. The development of a correction method for ensuring a continuity value of the chi-square test with a small expected cell frequency
Kajita Matchima, Jumlong Vongprasert, Nipaporn Chutiman

12. A comparison of type i error and power of parametric statistics and nonparametric statistics for homogeneity of variance test
Doungporn Hatchavanich

13. The monopole ntenna for automatic humidity control system applications in mushroom growing houses
Prapan Leekul

14. Adsorption isotherm of some heavy metals in water on unripe and ripe peel of banana
Mintra Sirilert, Kamol Maikrang

15. Preparation of no2 gas sensing by using cn-nts and bcn-nts synthesized from solid precursor
Arngsupha Niamsang, Chaisak Issro and Ekapong Suwattanamala