1. Factors related to post-operative recurrence of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
Wikran Suragul, Narongsak Rungsakulkij, Paramin Muangkaew, Pongsatorn Tangtawee, Somkit Mingphruedhi

2. Anatomy of lamina of subaxial spine based on computerized tomographic measurement
Jittipong Sanpote, Thanwa Sudsang, Kriangsak Saetia

3. Can percutaneous cholecystostomy be a definitive treatment in high risk acute cholecystitis patient? a retrospective 10 years outcome
Pongsatorn Tangtawee, Songkiat Yookhong

4. Utility of visceral organ hanging maneuver (vohm) for exposure and stabilization of the operative field in robotic abdominal surgery
Chairat Supsamutchai, Pongsatorn Tangtawee, Anusak Yiengpruksawan

5. Ramathibodi instill-soak-suction system (riss system) for negative pressure wound therapy with instillation
Preedee Saeheng, Chalermpong Chatdokmaiprai

6. Guideline concordance evaluation of antimicrobial usage in surgical patients at university hospital, thailand
Pitchaya Dilokpattanamongkol, Supatat Chumnumwat, Supawat Takultacha, Sirawit Songsomboon, Preecha Montakarntikul, Nantaporn Lekpittaya, Paphon Sa-ngasoongsong, Preeda Sumritpradit

7. Pedicled latissimus dorsi muscle flap in thoracic surgery
Montien Ngodngamthaweesuk, Chanawit Sitthisombat

8. Risk factors for anastomotic leakage in open colorectal surgery: an analysis of 558 patients
Jurairat Tumnan, Weerapat Suwanthanma, Chakrapan Euanorasetr

9. Distribution of buttock shape and relationship with body mass index (bmi) in thai population: a preliminary result
Weerapat Suwanthanma, Chakrapan Euanorasetr

10. Prospective cohort study of serum selenium in surgical icu patients
Pongsasit Singhatas, Areeporn Sangcakul, Preeda Sumritpradit, Tharin Thampongsa, Chonlada Krutsri, Panuwat Lertsithichai

11. Indwelling urinary catheterization versus clean intermittent catheterization for the short-term management of hospitalized patients with transient acute urinary retention: a prospective randomized trial
Pocharapong Jenjitranant, Worapat Attawettayanon, Pokket Sirisreetreerux, Premsant Sangkum, Wit Viseshsindh

12. Validation and reliability of a thai version of the international index of erectile dysfunction (iief) for thai population
Premsant Sangkum, Chakrit Sukying, Wit Viseshsindh, Wachira Kochakarn, Suthep Patcharatrakul, Wisoot Khongcharoensombat

13. Incidence of acute appendicitis during pregnancy and outcome of appendectomy in ramathibodi hospital
Nuttapon Arpornsujaritkun, Weerapat Suwanthanma

14. False negative rate of the highest radioactive count of sentinel lymph node in early stage breast cancer patients
Prakasit Chirappapha, Rujira Panawattanakul, Watoo Vassanasiri, Youwanush Kongdan, Panuwat Lertsithichai, Thongchai Sukarayothin, Monchai Leesombatpaiboon, Yodying Wasuthit, Ronnarat Suvikapakornkul

15. Adipose-derived stromal cells in lipofilling injected fat and factors associated with outcomes: a preliminary report
Prakasit Chirappapha, Paweena Luadthai, Paisarn Boonsakan, Katesaree Suriyachand, Panuwat Lertsithichai, Youwanush Kongdan, Thongchai Sukarayothin, Monchai Leesombatpaiboon

16. Predictors of donor site seroma in latissimus dorsi flap
Prakasit Chirappapha, Chayanoot Rattadilok, Panuwat Lertsithichai, Monchai Leesombutpaiboon, Thongchai Sukarayothin, Youwanush Kongdan, Panya Thaweepworadech

17. Experience in the use of del nido cardioplegia in ramathibodi hospital
Narongrit Kantathut, Chaliow Shaishana, Wanrudee Thongcherd, Wilailak Sornprasit, Sumethee Jiraratkul, Suthit Vilaikan, Panwasa Krailest, Parinya Leelayana, Piya Cherntanomwong, Siam Khajarern

18. A randomized controlled trial comparing bowel preparation by sodium phosphate solution 45 ml x2 doses versus sodium phosphate solution 30 ml x3 doses in patients undergoing colonoscopy
Teerawat Sotananan, Weerapat Suwanthanma, Chakrapan Euanorasetr

19. Normal values for water-perfused conventional esophageal manometry in a healthy thai population
Pitichote Hiranyatheb, Suriya Chakkaphak, Kaimuk Petsrikun, Panuwat Lertsithichai

20. Is splenectomy necessary or beneficial in curative surgery of gastric cancer?
Chairat Supsamutchai, Teerawut Rakchob, Pitichote Hiranyatheb, Chuleeporn Jiarpinitnun, Nuttapong Ngamphaiboon, Pattawia Choikrua

21. Can average value of apparent diffusion coefficient (adc) from magnetic resonance images predict consistency of intracranial meningioma?
Siriwut Pokanan, Lojana Tuntiyatorn, Noppadol Larbchareonsub, Sasivimon Mongkolsukpaiboon, Ake Hansasuta

22. Outcome of mastectomy with immediate ld flap reconstruction by the extended ld flap technique
Prakasit Chirappapha, Youwanush Kongdan, Chairat Supsamutchai, Teerawut Rakchob, Thongchai Sukarayothin, Monchai Leesombatpaiboon, Panuwat Lertsithichai

23. Predictive factors of recurrence following surgical treatment of phyllodes tumors in ramathibodi hospital
Suragit Pornchai, Prakasit Chirappapha, Panuwat Lertsithichai, Youwanush Kongdan, Thongchai Sukarayothin, Monchai Leesombatpaiboon

24. Abdominal bulging and hernia following pedicle transverse rectus abdominis muscle musculocutaneous flap reconstruction in breast cancer patient: ramathibodi’s hospital experience
Youwanush Kongdan, Prakasit Chirappapha, Piyawan Kensakoo, Rupporn Sukpanich, Pornphan Wibulpolprasert, Thongchai Sukarayothin, Monchai Leesombatpaiboon, Panuwat Lertsithichai

25. Robotic assisted laparoscopic donor nephrectomy: early experience in ramathibodi hospital
Supanut Lumbiganon, Premsant Sangkum, Suthep Patcharatrakul, Sophon Jirasiritham, Wisoot Khongcharoensombat

26. Posterior to anterior urethral caliber ratio of pediatric patients with or without posterior urethral valve
Wit Viseshsindh, Chinnarat Hongyok, Ratanaporn Pornkul Ratanaporn Pornkul, Suphaneewan Jaovisidha, Umaporn Udomsubpayakul

27. Factors predicting 30-day mortality in rupture abdominal aortic aneurysm treating with endovascular aneurysm repair
Nutsiri Kittitirapong, Nitima Saksobhavivat, Wiwat Tirapanich, Piyanut Pootracool, Suthas Horsirimanont, Sopon Jirasiritham, Surasak Leela-Udomlipi

28. Easy digital photographic setup in plastic surgery: kid’s studio
Kidakorn Kiranantawat, Wasita Sermsakulwat, Matthew Sze-Wei Yeo, Panuwat Lertsittichai, Saran Worasakwutiphong, Arthi Kruavit, Stamatis Sapountzis, Sarayuth Dumrongwongsiri, Vichai Srimuninnimit, Chalermpong Chatdokmaiprai

29. Clinical evaluation of a new blue nano-silver biocellulose ribbon dressing in cavity wounds
Surawej Numhom, Prapai Ariyaprayoon, Vichai Srimuninnimit

30. Efficacy of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in patients undergoing pelvic cancer surgery: a randomized controlled trial
Piyanut Pootracool, Kanoklada Srikuea, Wiwat Tirapanich, Sopon Jirasiritum, Surasak Leela-Udomlipi, Suthas Horsirimanont, Nutsiri Kittitirapong, Wisoot Kongchareonsombat, Sarikapan Wilailak

31. The incidence and risk factors of proximal vein and central vein stenosis in acute arteriovenous graft and fistula thrombosis in dialysis patients
Kwanchai Lawanwong, Wiwat Tirapanich, Sopon Jirasiritham, Piyanut Pootrakool, Suthas Horsirimanont, Panuwat Lertsithichai

32. Efficacy of balloon angioplasty to correct intragraft stenosis during the surgical revision of thrombosed dialysis graft: a prospective randomized controlled trial
Supachai Chanvitan, Suthas Horsirimanont, Sopon Jirasiritum, Surasak Leela-Udomlipi, Piyanut Pootracool, Nutsiri Kittitirapong, Sakda Arj-Ong Vallibhakara, Wiwat Tirapanich

33. The comparative study of the efficacy between the reinforced ptfe and the non-reinforced ptfe in the forearm arteriovenous access for hemodialysis
Lakchai Wichawut, Suthas Horsirimanont, Wiwat Tirapanich, Sopon Jirasiritum, Surasak Leela-Udomlipi, Piyanut Pootracool, Nutsiri Kittitirapong, Sakda Arj-Ong Vallibhakara

34. Functional pancreatic isolated islets from cryopreserved porcine and human pancreatic tissues based on glut2 receptor sensitivity
Pimploy Rattanaamnuaychai, Yaowaluck Maprang Roshorm, Chumpon Wilasrusmee, Chairat Supsamutchai, Jakrapan Jirasiritham, Napaphat Porpom, Shivatra Chutima Talchai

35. Giant pedunculated atypical lipomatous tumor of esophagus: a six-year delay surgical removal without adverse event
Pitichote Hiranyatheb, Chairat Supsamutchai, Nuttapon Arpornsujaritkun, Jakrapan Jirasiritham, Teerawut Rakchob, Namsiri Biadul

36. Laparoscopic splenectomy for follicular dendritic cell sarcoma with pseudotumor-like feature is viable alternative option
Teerawut Rakchob, Chairat Supsamutchai, Pattawia Choikrua

37. Robotic partial nephrectomy for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma in horseshoe kidneys: first case report and literature review
Premsant Sangkum, Piyapong Wongjittraporn, Suthep Pathcharatrakul, Wisoot Khongcharoensombat