1. The effect of energy consumption in the agricultural sector on co2 emissions in malaysia
Mohd Shahidan Shaari, Paul Anthony Mariadas, Nor Ermawati Hussain, Uma Murthy

2. The development of paint with silica aerogel for thermal insulation and energy saving
Jaran Ratanachotinun, Pithan Pairojn

3. A case analysis on energy savings and efficiency improvement of a chiller plant in a luxury hotel building
Anandh N., Kumar P.

4. Bio-pretreatment enhances biogas production from co-digestion of rice straw and pig manure
Nam Sy Tran, Thao Van Huynh, Ngan Vo Chau Nguyen, Kjeld Ingvorsen

5. Characteristics of biogas-hydrogen engines in a hybrid renewable energy system
Van Ga Bui, Trung Hung Vo, Thi Minh Tu Bui, Le Bich Tram Truong, Thanh Xuan Nguyen Thi