Volume 21, No. 04, Month DECEMBER, Year 2021, Pages 447 - 456

A case analysis on energy savings and efficiency improvement of a chiller plant in a luxury hotel building

Anandh N., Kumar P.

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Energy is an efficient source in the present world and it is very significant. Huge building systems such as luxury hotels, commercial complex, malls and educational institutes require chiller plants for air-conditioning purpose in their premises. In this paper, a case analysis on energy savings and efficiency improvement of a chiller plant is done for a luxury hotel building located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The building consists of carrier make 2 Nos. 633 kW/180 TR and 1 No. 1185 kW/337 TR water cooled chillers. The chiller plant system at the site consumes up to 43% of the facility’s annual energy cost. To increase the energy savings and efficiency of existing system and to achieve a lower number on the Specific Power Consumption (SPC), the existing chiller plant is retrofitted with 1 No. 879 kW/250 TR Premium efficiency chiller and an energy analysis is done by simulating the proposed chiller using Chiller Plant Automation (CPA) software and by understanding the energy usage of the chiller as per the site operating load and weather conditions. With the change in chiller, the system efficiency of the hotel increased by 40% and the energy consumption reduced to 38%.


Air-conditioning system, Chiller plant system, Energy efficiency, Efficiency improvement, Energy saving, Specific power consumption


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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