Volume 21, No. 04, Month DECEMBER, Year 2021, Pages 437 - 446

The development of paint with silica aerogel for thermal insulation and energy saving

Jaran Ratanachotinun, Pithan Pairojn

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An objective of this research is to assess the thermal insulation and energy savings of paint that has been combined with silica aerogel. This research conducted by testing paint with silica aerogel (PSA) compared with insulation paint and typical paint. This research tested 3 paints by painting them on model boxes (one for each paint) and exposing them to the light for the same amount of time without a shadow effect. The result has shown that PSA had the best result. A suitable mixer ratio of silica aerogel is 0.5 percent to make it practical and costeffective. When comparing rooms painted with PSA to rooms painted with typical paint, the temperature was 4 degrees Celsius lower. PSA may also save 10 percent on air-conditioning electricity, with 6 months payback period. PSA has good performance and the cost-effectiveness of PSA compared to typical paint is the electricity cost savings and is more usable than insulation paint for thermal insulation and price. PSA was painted on the building of Wat Phachoomtham school in Chainat province of Thailand for the local community. It could lower inside temperature and was suited for tropical conditions.


Energy saving, Silica aerogel, Thermal insulation, Thermal insulation paints, Tropical conditions


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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