Volume 21, No. 04, Month DECEMBER, Year 2021, Pages 457 - 466

Bio-pretreatment enhances biogas production from co-digestion of rice straw and pig manure

Nam Sy Tran, Thao Van Huynh, Ngan Vo Chau Nguyen, Kjeld Ingvorsen

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Co-digestion between biomass and livestock waste increases methane production by providing an optimal C/N ratio. Also, bio-pretreatment has received more attention due to its effectiveness in biomass-derived material hydrolysis into biodegradable carbohydrates. Rice straw (RS) is abundant in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD), which potentially enhances biogas production from codigestion with pig manure (PM) in case of shortage of livestock waste for biogas digesters. However, the high solid content of RS and its higher C/N ratio generally results in the low productivity of biogas when used as sole substrate. Therefore, we assessed the efficiency of biological pretreatment of RS on biogas production through single-stage batch anaerobic digestion under mesophilic conditions. The substrate ratio-based on volatile-solid (VS) rate was used at a 1:1 mixture (RS:PM) with a total concentration supplemented at 45 g-VS/L over a 60- day batch digestion. The bio-solutions included de-chlorinated tap water (TW), digester effluent (DE), ditch water (DW), and anoxic sediment (AS). ETC...


Anaerobic co-digestion, Biogas production, Biological pretreatment, Pig manure, Rice straw


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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