1. Editorial note: iceeee 2017
Prof. Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf

2. Calculating pollution equivalent of electric heating with heat storage technology accommodating wind based on lca
Weijun Wang, Weisong Peng, Yong Sun, Wei Luo

3. An economic and environmental costs computing model of consuming abandoned wind power heating
Weijun Wang, Haoyue Wang, Yong Sun, Wei Luo

4. Awireless bidirectional power supply topology suitable for vehicle-to-grid technology
Xiaoyan Jiang, Chuan He

5. Analysis of capacity for distributed photovoltaic power station accessing to power distribution network in central tibet
Xiaoyan Jiang, Chuan He

6. Input factors contribution degree analysis of energy service industry based on economic growth model
Rong Li, Hui Huang, Jun Dong

7. Solar energy thermal jet refrigeration system
Li Cai, Xinyu Wang, Nina Dai, Qian Huang, Zefu Tan

8. Assessing high temperature geothermal resource - an economic and environmental perspective
Yujiang He, Guiling Wang

9. Wind turbine aerodynamic characteristics in wind heating system
Lihua Cao, Bo Li, Tieliu Jiang, Zhongbin Zhang, Lidong Zhang

10. Automatic control system of waste heat power generation
Chunyue Pan

11. Simulation of the power electronic device based on mmc structure
Yongwei Tang, Maoli Wang, Huijuan Hao, Xiaojie Zhao

12. Prediction of the service life of composite geomembrane based on hygrothermal aging test
Min Zhang, Hao Ming Yang, Yi He, Cheng Hui Dong, Wen Li Yang, Jun Xia Zhang, Xiao Yan Liu, Zhi Li Zhang, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf

13. Petroleum security evaluation in china --based on dhgf and entropy technology model
Haomin Liu, Zaixu Zhang, Zhiguo Li, Hengmei Yan