Volume 18, No. 01A, Month MAY, Year 2018, Pages 91 - 102

Input factors contribution degree analysis of energy service industry based on economic growth model

Rong Li, Hui Huang, Jun Dong

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With the sustainable development background and in order to meet the economic transformation, energy structure adjustment and environment demand, energy services industry has attracted more and more attention and got rapid development, but the current theoretical system of energy services industry is still not perfect now. The economic contribution degree analysis of each factor input in the energy service industry can help the industry to break growth bottleneck, promote development, and achieve more social and environmental benefits. By constructing the economic growth model for various elements in the industry, the paper analyzes the contribution rate of input factors and the influence of industrial economic growth on the society economy. The results showed that the factor of enterprise growth ability has the highest contribution rate to the energy service industry"es economic growth, followed by the capital input and labor input, and the contribution rate of human capital, knowledge capital and policy factors is relatively small. The result has practical significance to China’s energy service industry development at the present stage, at the same time, the research framework and method put in the paper can give certain reference for the study of other industrial


China, economic growth model, energy services industry, input factors, production function.


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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