Volume 18, No. 01A, Month MAY, Year 2018, Pages 103 - 108

Solar energy thermal jet refrigeration system

Li Cai, Xinyu Wang, Nina Dai, Qian Huang, Zefu Tan

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Solar energy refrigeration technology is a hot research topic in recent years. Traditional solar refrigeration technology is based on the principle of photovoltaic, but it has not been widely used because of its low energy conversion efficiency and large energy consumption of the compressor. A jet refrigeration system based on solar photothermal principle is proposed in this paper. The overall structure and working principle of the system are introduced. And a mathematical model for heat exchange of the core components was established. Then the major components of the photothermal subsystem and the refrigeration subsystem are designed. The selection and design method of the core equipment such as solar collector, generator and ejector are expounded. The engineering test shows that the engineering errors of the COP theoretical value of the solar thermal jet system are less than 5%, it is 3 times as large as traditional solar refrigeration technology, and the better cooling effect can be achieved.


cost of power, ejector, heat exchange model, photothermal cooling, solar energy.


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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