Volume 18, No. 01A, Month MAY, Year 2018, Pages 123 - 128

Automatic control system of waste heat power generation

Chunyue Pan

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China is a large country of cement production and consumption, which produces a large amount of environmental pollution and energy consumption in the production process, which runs counter to the economic development goal of low energy consumption and heavy environmental protection in our country. Cement production generates more than 35% of the thermal energy lost, and if that part of the energy is recycled, it will effectively change the situation. In this paper, the status and mechanism of waste heat power generation are analyzed. Taking waste heat recovery and utilization in the new dry process cement production as the research object, the design and construction of the automatic control system for waste heat power generation are discussed. The measured results show that the system of automatic control effect is good.


automatic control system, cement production, DCS, waste heat power generation.


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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