1. Application of single minute exchange of die and ecrs techniques to reduce machine set up time: a case study of powdered drink mix process
Mongkol Kittiyankajon, Maneemon Wongharjuk and Mattana Susomboon

2. Cfd analysis on charged pressure effect of beta-stirling engine with constant temperature heat source
Nattakit Tongdee and Chalothorn Thumthae

3. Improvement of storage facilities in dry goods warehouse: case study vermicelli production company
Warut Boonphakdee, Wichaphon Suppajindakorn, Viphalak Tsai and Sumatcha Kaewsasaen

4. Damage assessment of buildings in chiang mai municipal area before and after strengthening under an anticipated earthquake
Akkachai Ketsap, Chayanon Hansapinyo, Panon Latcharote and Koraphon Saicheur

5. Increasing efficiency of medical device production under reduced space
Atitaya Marasri and Jeerapat Ngaoprasertwong

6. Testing of nano-emulsified fuel in direct- injection diesel engine
Kammarat Rodniam, Krit Somnuk and Gumpon Prateepchaikul

7. Defects reduction from the complaints as customer modification requirements
Somyos Phongsai and Jeerapat Ngaoprasertwong

8. The influencing factors of successful area-based water resource management project
Preenithi Aksorn

9. Production lead time and work in process reduction in trolley production using lean manufacturing techniques
Sasicha Thongampai and Wimalin Laosirithawon

10. Effect of water mass flow rate on pv/t module for electrical power and hot water generation
Thoranis Deethayat and Attakorn Asanakham

11. An economic analysis of conventional var.assamica green tea processing in small and medium enterprises (sme)
Sunate Surbkar, Janjira Phukan, Nipa Nipuangla, Choatpong Kanjanaphachoat and Sumit Chueamchaitrakun

12. A study of factors affecting to torrefaction process of palm bunch using response surface methodology
Chokchai Mueanmas, Panadda Indum and Ruamporn Nikhom

13. Service life prediction of pedestrian bridge structures in carbonation environment in nakhonpathom province
Banyut Warinlai and Pitisan Krammart

14. Evaluation of seismic capacity on interlocking light weight masonry wall in r/c frame
Anuchat Leeanansaksiri and Worawit Phojan

15. Analysis on a vibration character of a hollow fiber membrane for mbr using a high-speed camera and an accelerometer
Prattakorn Sittisom and Tomoaki Itayama

16. Effects of covering ratio and vertical spacing of biaxial geogrid on the compressive strength of reinforced sand
Suraphan Sutjai and Warat Kongkitkul