1. Design of supporting system for production planning in yoghurt manufacturing
Suriya Piayu and Siravit Swangnop

2. Risk analysis for business continuity management in crisis : a case study of partial blackout
Supavit Lhakkongka and Jittra Rukijkanpanich

3. Innovation management in higher education a case study of chula engineering innovation hub
Sripilai Chudthaisong, Napatsawong Osothsilp and Natcha Thawesaengskulthai

4. Man - power planning in a telecom service branch
Kachalinee Apsornpasagorn and Paveena Chaovalitwongse

5. Axisymmetric free vibration of fluid-filled membrane
Weeraphan Jiammeepreecha

6. Photochromic characteristics of moo3 doped cu2o thin films
Piyavit Suwan, Mahamasuhaimi Masae, Parnumart Choopool, Krakkiat Ragsri, Suttipong Srithong

7. Reduction of cycle time of sulfolane recovery process in cyanuric fluoride manufacturing in textile dye industry
Areeya Suwannikornkul and Napassavong Osothsilp

8. Education factors suitable for the production of foam glass foam amber glass splinter
Banyat Panprasitvech and Patipat Hongsuwan

9. Properties of cement composite fabricated from white rice husk ash incorporated with short single-walled carbon nanotubes
Suchart Chantaramanee, Wassana Keanthongdang, Phattaraparn I-suwan and Danupon Tonnayopas

10. Analysis of the energy cost in a production process and maintenance improvement to increase energy efficiency case study of electric motor production industry
Chamni Jaipradidtham

11. Power flow algorithm for electric power system considering transmission line temperature
Wanwisa Ruenjitt, Chawasak Rakpenthai and Sermsak Uatrongjit

12. Automatic mini power factor compensation controller for load center
Boonthong Wasuri and Arnon Isaramongkolrak

13. Benders decomposition combining with a special purpose method for production/inventory planning having uncertain demand under production constrains
Aphisak Wittayapraphakorn and Peerayuth Charnsethikul

14. Heat transfer behavior of phase change material for controlling solar cell module temperature
Vat Sun, Attakorn Asanakham, Thoranis Deethayat, Warasid Trutassanawint and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat

15. Efficiency increase on small coal dust particles capture by electrical - charged water spray
Attakorn Asanakham, Chanyagrid Jantapimpa and Piched Thanil

16. Effect of recycle ratio on die swell ratio of rubber compound in tread extrusion process
Supphachai Nathaphan and Somkieat Watpathomsub

17. Comparing the multi colony ant system and ant system methods for solving the capacitated vehicle routing problem
Udom Janjarassuk and Kittirod Santithayee

18. Impact analysis of rc beams with different shear span-to-depth ratios
Piyapong Wongmatar and Chayanon Hansapinyo

19. Economic value added analysis for electricity generation field
Peerawat Chaimaneerat and Jeerapat Nagoprasertwong

20. Compressed air system energy reduction based on production plan
Titinan Sungthong and Jeerapat Nagoprasertwong