1. Parametric analysis of a small r245fa organic rankine cycle for power generation
Chakkraphan Thawonngamyingsakul

2. Effect of embedded depth on end bearing capacity of footing on clays
Suraparb Keawsawasvong, Boonchai Ukritchon

3. Design and analysis of two-wheel horizontal axis micro water turbine generator using computational fluid dynamics technique
Werayoot Lahamornchaiyakul

4. Numerical heat transfer study in a circular tube with 20 inclined horseshoe baffles
Sombat Tamna, Pongjet Promvonge

5. Spatial concentrations of volatile organic compounds in a petrol station and health risk assessment of service station attendants
Teerapong sairat, Maneerat Ongwandee and Sahalaph Homwuttiwong

6. The appropriate roof for residence in hot and humid climate
Hanan Sareh, Kuskana Kubaha

7. Thermal performance of various window films for vehicles
Thamolwan Kiawpan, Kuskana Kubaha and Pattana Rakkwamsuk

8. Physical and thermal properties of persimmon fruit
Thanida Ketwijitchai, Aree Achariyaviriya and Siva Achariyaviriya

9. Parametric analysis of biochar production from corncob under slow pyrolysis
Kanyaphorn Chaiwong and Sittiboon Siripornakarachai