1. Modeling human-like robustness in an intelligent tutoring system
H. Kazi, P. Haddawy, S. Suebnukarn

2. An analysis of a close-type queuing system with general service-time distribution
Y. Yoshioka, T. Nagase

3. Test case classification using category-partition finite state machine
P. Suphapala, U. Leelanuntakul, N. Ngamsaowaroj, P. Sophatsathit

4. An optimal integer partition approach to coalition structure generation
V. Boonjing, S. Narabin

5. Packet header anomaly detection using bayesian belief network
M. Thakong, S. Wongthanavasu

6. Non-parametric vector quantization algorithm
H. Sivaraks, A. Surarerks

7. Digit set conversion from redundant number system into complement representation
V. Charoensiri, A. Surarerks

8. An improvement of iris pattern identification using radon transform
P. Ariyapreechakul, N. Covavisaruch

9. Retrieving model for design patterns
S. Intakosum, W. Muangon

10. Evaluation of umts rlc parameters for mpeg-4 video streaming
A. Panchaem, S. Kamolpiwong, M. Unhawiwat, S. Saewong

11. An application of the probabilistic model to the prediction of student graduation using bayesian belief networks
J. Yingkuachat, P. Praneetpolgrang, B. Kijsirikul

12. Image compression using modified haar wavelet-base vector quantization
A. Jitkam, S. Wongthanavasu