1. The existing suvannaphum at wat pra yeun
Smai Yodintra

2. Infinitesimal automorphisms in the tangent bundle of a riemannian manifold with horizontal lift of affine connection
Ayd1n Gezer, and kursat Akbulut

3. On the graded primary avoidance theorem
Shahabaddin E. Atani, and Unsal Tekir

4. Meson spectroscopy- simple two-step potential model
Lesolle D. Sebitla

5. Atmospheric dynamics of the tropical storm vicente
Chainarong Raktham, Jiemjai Kreasuwun, and Wonchai Promnopas

6. Design and preparation of amps-based hydrogels for biomedical use as wound dressings
Kanarat Nalampang, Nantarat Suebsanit, Chinanat Witthayaprapakorn, and Robert Molloy

7. Effects of additives in froth flotation of silicate zinc ore; a study by zeta potential measurement and infrared spectroscopy
Jutarat Pomjaturad, Chairoj Rattanakawin, Nimit Sriprang, Suwalak Tongteeka, and Torranin Chairuangs

8. Biodiesel synthesis from transesterification by clay-based catalyst
Manut Jaimasith and Satit Phiyanalinmat

9. Shelf life study of salted crackers in pouch by using computer simulation models
Pornchai Rachtanapun

10. Indoor and outdoor levels of pm2.5 from selected residential and workplace buildings in chiang mai
Narongpan Chunram, Usanee Vinitketkumnuen, Richard L. Deming, and Somporn Chantara

11. Optimization method for determination of carbofuran and carboxin residues in cabbages by spe and hplc-uv
Khin L. Zan, and Somporn Chantara

12. Preliminary study of anthraquinone in sweet bamboo (dendrocalamus asper backer) alkaline sulfite pulping
Suphat Kamthai

13. Determination of some fatty acids in local plant seeds
Wanna Kanchanamayoon, and Wipada Kanenil

14. Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on the dynamics of blue-green algae in the mae ngat somboonchol reservoir, chiang mai, thailand
Khajornkiat Saeton, and Siripen Traichaiyaporn