1. Monitoring the land cover changes in mangrove areas and urbanization using normalized difference vegetation index and normalized difference built-up index in krabi estuary wetland, krabi province, thailand
Katawut Waiyasusri

2. Application of gis and multi-criteria statistical techniques in assessing water quality in the coastal province of vietnamese mekong delta
Giao Thanh Nguyen; Thi Hong Nhien Huynh

3. Adsorption of methylene blue by low-cost biochar derived from elephant dung
Yanasinee Suma, Nittaya Pasukphun, Numfon Eaktasang

4. Flood hazard mapping and assessment of precipitation monitoring system using gis-based morphometric analysis and trmm data: a case study of the wadi qena watershed, egypt
Wael M. Elsadek, Wael E. Mahmod, Mona G. Ibrahim

5. A workforce and truck allocation model in a solid waste management system: a case from nigeria
Desmond E. Ighravwe, Sunday A. Oke

6. Biochar from rice husk as efficient biosorbent for procion red removal from aqueous systems
Neza R. Palapa, Tarmizi Taher, Novie Juleanti, Normah Normah, Aldes Lesbani

7. Spatiotemporal flood risk determination and management for a large river basin
Nuanchan Singkran

8. Synergistic effect of waste feedstock mixture and torrefaction pre-treatment on some briquette characteristics of cornhusk and sawdust wastes
Mufutau A. Waheed, Opeyemi A. Akogun

9. Spatial-temporal patterns of modis active fire/hotspots in chiang rai, upper northern thailand and the greater mekong subregion countries during 2003-2015
Chidsanuphong Chart-asa

10. Comparison of direct-reading and gravimetric methods of particle measurement in a science building, silpakorn university
Aungsiri Tipayarom, Prayad Sangngam, Siraphop Pinitkarn