1. The unsteady flow of a carreau fluid through inclined catheterized arteries having a balloon with time-variant overlapping stenosis
Khaled Saad Mekheimer, Faiza Salama, Mhamod Elkot

2. Partial slip consequences on peristaltic transport of williamson fluid in an asymmetric channel
Safia Akram, Sohail Nadeem, Anwar Hussain

3. Prediction of a semi-exact analytic solution of a convective porous fin with variable cross section by different methods
Majid Shahbabaei, Davood Domayri Ganji, Iman Rahimipetroudi

4. Determination of approximate periods of duffing-harmonic oscillator
Md. Alal Hosen

5. First integral method for systems of (1+1)-dimensional dispersive long wave
Jafar Biazar, Mohamad Bagher Mehrlatifan

6. Series solution for painleveequation ii
Fazle Mabood, Waqar Ahmad Khan, Ahmad Izani Md Ismail, Ishak Hashim

7. Solution of fifth order caudrey-dodd-gibbon-sawada-kotera equation by the alternative (g' g)-expansion method with generalized riccati equation
Muhammad Shakeel, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

8. New exact solutions for isothermal magnetostatic atmosphere equations
Mohamed Tawfik Attia, Attala Elhanbaly, Mohamed Aly Abdou

9. Validating explicit third order euler technique for reactor design and exponential growth problems
Sukumar Senthilkumar