1. Multistage solvent extraction for high yield oil and phorbol esters removal from thai toxic jatropha curcas meal
Rayakorn Nokkaew, Vittaya Punsuvon

2. Experimental analysis and energetic evaluation for mahua oil methyl ester with diethyl ether
Bhanu Pratap Singh, Ajay Kumar Sharma

3. Improving the transient states caused by switching of capacitor banks in power dispatching stations
Seyed Sajjad Salehi Ghaleh Sefid, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mousavi, Seyed Mohsen Mirbagheri

4. Programming of energy storage system in an island microgrid with photovoltaic and fuel cell
Hossein Khorramdel, Benyamin Khorramdel, Marzieh Poshtyafteh

5. Optimization of a novel composite cathode for intermediate temperature sofcs applications
Montri Suklueng, Voo Nyuk Yoong, Peter Hing, Lim Chee Ming

6. Impact of hygrothermal and loading conditions on apparent diffusivity of gfrp composites
Sushma SingH, Khushmeet Kumar

7. Retrofit historical masonry walls with gfrp under seismic loading
Meng Jing, Werasak Raongjant