1. A fractional model of bloch equation in nuclear magnetic resonance and its analytic approximate solution

2. A legendre computational matrix method for solving high-order fractional differential equations
Mohamed Meabed KHADER, Ahmed Saied HENDY

3. Analysis of volume fraction, diffusion and electrification of suspended particulate matter in a two-phase couette flow with heat transfer .....
Ashok MISRA, Jagdish PRAKASH

4. New results for boundary layer flow and convection heat transfer over a flat plate by using the homotopy perturbation method
Mehran Khaki JAMEI, Mehdi KHAZAYINEJAD, Davood Domairry GANJI

5. Normal mode analysis of the nonlinear acoustic wave equation
Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed OTHMAN, Mohamed Galal Sayed ALI, Roushdi Mohamed FAROUK

6. Rbf meshless method of lines for the numerical solution of nonlinear sine-gordon equation
Marjan UDDIN, Arshad HUSSAIN, Sirajul HAQ, Amjad ALI

7. Weighted average finite difference methods for fractional reaction-subdiffusion equation
Nasser Hassen SWEILAM, Mohamed Meabed KHADER, Mohamed ADEL

8. Calculation of oseen’s flow past a sphere using indirect boundary element method
Ghulam MUHAMMAD, Nawazish Ali SHAH, Muhammad MUSHTAQ