1. A study of adaptive elastic net estimators with different adaptive weights
Kanyalin Jiratchayut, Chinnaphong Bumrungsup

2. Influence of dietary fiber and sodium bicarbonate on digestibility, rumen fermentation, blood metabolites and performance of dairy cows fed pineapple peel-concentrate mixed diets
S. Wittayakun, S. Innaree, W. Chainetr, W. Innaree

3. A new fingertip detection method using the top-hat transform
Pawin Prasertsakul, Toshiaki Kondo

4. Applying reliability engineering & maintenance on logistics equipment in factory of high pressure hydraulic hose
Suthep Butdee, Tadpon Kullawong

5. A practical heuristic for economic truck selection- a case study of paper wholesaler in bangkok
Chumpol Monthatipkul

6. Development of a data mining tool on android smartphones
Chanchai Supaartagorn

7. Effects of thermophilic heat pretreatment of mixed inoculum on biohydrogen production from synthetic and sugarcane mill wastewaters
Sandhya Babel, Emmanuel Pacheco Lea?o

8. Red and yellow traffic lights detection robust to various lighting conditions
Sorn Sooksatra, Toshiaki Kondo