1. Utilization of soybean milk residue as additive of para grass silage
Darunee Srichana and Wichai Suttitham

2. Family caregiving and depression in olderadults
Nutchanart Bunthumporn

3. A study of different sacrificial anode materials to protect corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete
Aris Mahasiripan, Somnuk Tangtermsirikul and Pakawat Sancharoen

4. Characteristic-based level set method for motion by mean curvature analysis
Sutthisak Phongthanapanich

5. Electrospun polycaprolactone fiber mats as carriers for resorcinol
Pimpawan Parana, Tidarat Bandhitsing and Patcharaporn Thitiwongsawet

6. Influence of filling ratios on the thermal performance of flat heat pipes
Jirapol Klinbun

7. Optimal operation analysis of igfc system
Jirasak Boonmak, Woranee Paengjuntuek and Jitti Mungkalasiri

8. A study of the numerical instability of the ausm scheme
Sutthisak Phongthanapanich

9. Thermo- physical characterization of paraffin and beeswax on cotton fabric
Mahamasuhaimi Masae, Pichya Pitsuwan, Lek Sikong, Kalayanee Kooptarnond, Peerawas Kongsong and Phatcharee Phoempoon