1. Radiation effect on mhd steady free convection flow of a gas at a stretching surface with a uniform free stream with viscous dissipation
K. Govardhan, N. Kisha, and M. Chenna Krishna Reddy

2. Drying performance quality characteristics and financial evaluation of indian mackerel (rastrilliger kangurta) dried by a solar tunnel dryer
B. R. Chavan, A. Yakupitiyage, and S. Kumar

3. Web translation of english medical oov terms to chinese with data mining approach
Jian Qu, Thanaruk Theeramunkong, Cholwich Nattee, and Pakinee Aimmanee

4. Sodium chloride influence on cement stabilised bricks compressive strength
Gbenga Matthew Ayininuola and Tola Tosin Moody

5. Mathematics of call blending in call centres
B. Balamurugan and E. Chandra Sekaran

6. Perceived benefits gained from online game playing among university students in bangkok
Pawana Techavimol and John Walsh

7. Controlled release of microencapsulated indomethacin by colophony resin
Kora Pattabhi Ram Chowdary, Prithwiraj Mohapatra, and Priyabrata Pattanayak